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Deep Adaptations

Saturday 29 February 2020, 10:00 - 16:00
How to live in a world governed by climate breakdown and ecological catastrophe…

Deep Adaptation offers a framework for living in a time of climate catastrophe which starts from the understanding that societal collapse due to climate change and ecological derangement is inevitable and already happening in some places. How then might we choose to live in a time of uncertain futures?

Jem Bendell, Professor of Sustainability Leadership at Cumbria University who proposed the term Deep Adaptation, offers four starting points known as the 4R’s – Resilience, Relinquishment, Restoration and Reconciliation.

This one-day workshop will use a mixture of movement practice, meditation and group discussion to reflect on these themes. The day will be co-facilitated by Claire Pençak, Jim Griffin and Tim Rubidge all of whom will bring their individual professional practices and experience to working with the group. This event is open to anyone curious about Deep Adaptation. Absolutely no experience or proficiency is required in movement, meditation or Deep Adaptation. All of these are simply starting places for reflection, conversation, understanding and perhaps collective and individual action.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move in, warm socks or comfortable flat footwear. Bring food to share for lunch and we will provide a table to gather round.

Should you wish to read about Deep Adaptation in advance you will find the original paper by Jem Bendell here

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The Cornucopia Room
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