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Sleep Deprived – Needing Help?

Tuesday 17 November 2020, 08:30
Is your mind wired at bedtime? Are there 101 thoughts racing around your mind as soon as you put your head on your pillow?  Thoughts that don’t need to be there but are stopping you from falling asleep.  Worrying about the family.  

Are you awake for hours or have interrupted sleep? You get to sleep but then wake up and stay awake for an hour or two and then go back to sleep for the sam thing to happen.

Want deeper sleep? Imagine going to sleep within 15 minutes of going to bed, and having a really restful deep night’s sleep.  Would that be helpful to your general health and well-being?  The answer to that question is YES!

The power of sleep is definitely becoming more well known and it’s value in our long term health is becoming scientifically recognised.  So doing all you can to achieve a good night sleep is paramount for your health.

I use Kinesiology to check which of the homeobotanicals or bach flowers are helpful at switching your brain off so that treadmill of thoughts doesn’t get activated.  Specific minerals or supplements can be really helpful and helping the body achieve a restful pace so the body can fall asleep naturally.

This is a real issue so don’t delay and let it go on for longer than is necessary.
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