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Lbs and Ozs – Lose 20 inches in 20 weeks

Thursday 23 January 2020, 12:30 - 13:15
Apple, Pear, Square: Various bodys have different food requirements.  Uncover your New Shape in 2020

Discover how veggie colours affect you, e.g. red supports adrenals. Choose smart, eat well, lose inches

2020 is not just about weight-loss, in Lbs & Ozs we really focus on you achieving your healthy weight.  Both Healthy & Weight have the same amount of focus in class.

Because I really believe in what I teach and I know it works, if you follow the plan thoroughly and you do not lose 20 inches in 20 weeks and you are not happy, you can have your money back.

Years ago, during my early years of training I realized that food is a big part of becoming healthy,   

I learned about traditional forms of medicine, like ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, modern medicine like energy healing and more.

One area I found fascinating is the area of colourand how it affects us.

Both Ancient traditions and modern medicine agree that we carry the spectrum of colour within us.  We take in that spectrum visually through our eyes, energetically through the energy pathways called meridians, through our system of endocrine glands and what they represent AND also in what foods we eat.  Our mood and how we feel can be affected by colour and lack of it.  So what happens to us if we eat a diet devoid of fresh naturally colourful food?

From January 23rd  I will guide you through eating foods that will give you Full-Spectrum Health and you will follow the foods that really do well for your body shape.
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