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Funtastic Fitness: Realistic Pilates

Thursday 21 March 2019, 11:00 - 12:00
Realistic Pilates

Extend Exercises for the Over 60’s

A safe and effective form of exercise that will enable you to look and feel your very best!   It’s about core conditioning and strengthening muscles to improve posture, give flat lean abdominals, strong healthy backs, and total relaxation for the body and mind.  With regular practice an increased awareness of the body is achieved which can be taken into everyday life enabling movement without tension and pain.

At first glance it appears to be  a gentle and easy form of exercise; however its combination of strengthening and mobility moves can create a very intense and highly beneficial workout. High levels of fitness or great suppleness are not a prerequisite for Pilates.   In fact, Realistic Pilates enhances both of these conditions, whilst strengthening the "core muscles" within the torso.  
If a sports enthusiast, then pilates can help improve your game.  It also helps develop breathing control, and improved co-ordination. Realistic Pilates in particular pays attention to proper technique and classes are small to provide individual attention. 

The good news is that "Realistic Pilates" suits all ages and no previous experience is necessary.   Many people who suffer with remedial problems often find themselves pain free as a result of taking up Realistic Pilates.  Sometimes specific health problems are best suited to one to one sessions. Ante-natal and post-natal tuition can be provided.

How much: £42 for 6 weeks
Contact Tel: 0771 258 7516


Selkirk Parish Church
High Street




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