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Traditional Knitting Workshops

From Saturday 11 January 2020 -  10:00
To Saturday 25 January 2020 - 15:00

Learn traditional knitting skills in a supportive and friendly environment. Absolute begginners to advanced.

Mavis Clark, professional Shetland lace knitter of 30 years+ experience, passes on the once widespread skills of knitted lace, based on the use of one-ply cobweb yarns.

As recently featured in 'The Knitter' magazine, Mavis will help you knit any traditional pattern of your choice.

This is an attempt to share patterns from the Unst Museum collection. Knitters will enjoy the challenge of reproducing these fascinating motifs.

Supported by Sheep Tales. Dedicated to keeping Border fibre heritage alive.

Bring your own needles - Mavis can supply yarns.

How much: £12
Contact Tel: 01668 281884


Cheviot Centre
12 Padgepool Place
NE71 6BL