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Let’s Lose the Muffin Top Together!

Thursday 22 August 2019, 12:30 - 13:15
Reduce your Weight, Size & Cravings. Raise Vitality, Clarity & Balance? Enjoy Better Sleep. Eat Well

It’s Summer!  The perfect time to lose weight.  Or is it, Summer picnics, Bar-b-ques, Parties & Balls are not the best route to Weight Loss.  However, at Lbs & Ozs, you find out the best choice to make with party food as well as sneaky tips to help keep you on track when you are out partying as well as being at home.

Learn how to stay on track and even if you do fall off, how to get back on that wagon again.  

If you would like to increase your energy and lose inches – maybe even drop a full dress size if you commit. then call Rosemary today.
How much: £120 for 12 Week Programme
Contact Tel: 01750 778 704/07773 634 884


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