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Hot Stone Fusion: Indulge Body, Mind & Soul

Tuesday 18 June 2019, 08:30 - 18:00

Create a space haven in your diary! Hot Stone Fusion is the Ultimate if you enjoy heat and massage combined. The heat in the stones, warms and allows the muscles to be worked on more deeply.  

Balms to nourish the skin and senses, choose from Herbal Lift, Wild Rose, Zest, Warming and Easing and more to make this treatment closer to perfection.  The depth of the massage is dependant on your needs but it will generally be quite deep, slow and rhythmical.  

Quiet time is fairly essential after this session so do your best to ensure that you don't have to dash off somewhere.  It may be that a full body massage is done or if certain areas need more in-depth attention, I will with your consent work longer there.  

Allow 2 hours for this Deluxe Treatment, I look forward to welcoming you and unwinding tension and relieving your stress so you leave feeling quite different.

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